Percussionist Miguel Angel “Mickey” Alvarado was born and raised in Coamo, Puerto Rico. He began his musical career performing with Orquesta Guajay, while still attending high school. He studied music at the Interamerican University in San German, Puerto Rico, where he specialized in Percussion.

While attending college he played with Orquesta Casave. Shortly after graduating from college, he began working in Puerto Rico with Antonio ‘El Topo’ Caban Vale, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of San German.  

Alvarado relocated to Las Vegas over 20 years ago, where he has worked with such well known artists as Donna Summer, Paul Anka, Chuck Mangione, Clint Holmes, Charo, Anita Sarawak, Noriko, Sparx and Nocy, to name a few. Alvarado is recognized as one of the premier Latin Percussionist and conga artist in Las Vegas.  

He has performed with numerous local Las Vegas jazz and Latin bands such as Tropical Splash, Latin Breeze, Rick Arroyo’s Latin Jazz Ensemble, Monica Ortiz and Segio Alberti. He has also shared the stage with numerous Latin music acts such as Tito Puente, Yari Moré and Alex Acuña.  

Alvarado has performed as a featured soloist with the Nevada Jazz Orchestra on a three part “Latin Connection” PBS television special in 2002. He has also appeared on various Christmas television specials in Puerto Rico, such as El Regreso and the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Christmas Special, sharing the stage with Tony Croatto and Danny Rivera. 

While residing in Las Vegas, Alvarado could be found performing with the Nevada Jazz Orchestra, the UNLV Latin Jazz Ensemble, at the Rum Jungle at the Mandalay Bay Resort and with Tommy Alvarado’s Jazz Ensemble. 

Alvarado recently relocated back to Puerto Rico, where he will continue to perform and educate youth.



Carlos Cruz, a native of Santa Isabel and resident of New Haven Connecticut, is a performer of Afro-Puerto Rican Dance and Music who has performed in numerous venues, schools, festivals and universities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  

Mr. Cruz is considered by many as one of the premier percussionists in the genre of Bomba. He has studied, documented and performed this genre and has held numerous workshops and clinics. 

Mr. Cruz is also an artisan dedicated to constructing Bombas, the drums used in the playing the music of the same name, and numerous other percussion instruments. 

Mr. Cruz also recites Afro-Puerto Rican Poetry to the beat of Bomba and has been given the moniker "Principe de la Poesia Negroide". 

Mr. Cruz has been accepted by and registered with the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture as a Performer and with the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Administration (Fomento), Cultural Section as an Artisan.